Dupe No.1 – Faux Suede A-line miniskirt

Missguided ‘Faux Suede Stitch Front A-line Mini Skirt’

Price – £15 plus p+p (between 99p and £4.99)


Source: Missguided.co.uk

Yep, okay, this skirt is fab. It’s got that thick tights and boots look to it, which gets me through every winter (so much warmer than jeans right?!). It is a steal at £15, but since I starting sewing I’ve got even fussier than before. I want to see the seams, the finish, the lining. I want to touch it and crumple it and most importantly…does it come in petite? (The lovely model here, Izzy, is 5 ft 7″. So based on that this skirt would be approximately knee length on me…not the look I was going for!)

The detailing on this skirt is so minimal I figured that it would be super easy to replicate – and the idea for Seen it Sewn it was born! (In my first post I mentioned a £30 saving, but when I went back to find the ASOS skirt I’d originally based this on, it was nowhere to be found).

My Seen it Sewn it ‘Faux Suede A-line Mini Skirt’

Price – £5.72 for 0.8m of faux suede @ £7.15 per metre and 1 x 7″ zip at 70p.

Total price – £6.52

Total saving – £8.48


Some of you may have spotted this picture over on my instagram this weekend; I was heading out for the fireworks and pizza in Liverpool with my housemates, so got up early on Saturday morning to whip this up. (Note to self: make your bed Ellen you are a grown up now!!)


Source: sewessential.co.uk

I used the Simplicity pattern 1370, (review coming soon!) and used pattern pieces to create view D – A super simple A-line design perfect for an absolute beginner. It comes in 9 pieces and the only slightly fiddly bit is fitting the zip and placing four darts. My only alteration to the pattern was to take a slightly deeper hem to make it a titchy bit more ‘mini’…why not! Anybody could make this and save themselves at least £8!

The fabric is from Abakhans in Manchester; it’s a gorgeous faux suede polyester, which has the benefit of being super lightweight and flexible and also very easy to wash and care for. At £7.15 a metre this was too good not to pick up.

The obvious differences here are that mine is finished with a structured waistband and a zip, whereas as far as I can see the Misguided one appears to be elasticated and a pull on style. I also left off the stitched detailing down the centre front, although this would be super easy to add and just a case of running two rows stitching in place. Nothing complicated about this pattern at all and a total ‘fabric to fab’ time of just over 2 and a half hours, I can’t help but feel like I’ve saved myself a very easy £8 (I spent it on pizza and beer)!

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