Dupe No.2 – Cord zip-through skirt

So firstly, thank you so much to everyone who read my first couple of posts…My cringe threshold is so low that it takes me forever to work up the courage to share things like that on Facebook and Twitter without feeling like a saddo, but it was so well received and I’m chuffed by the nice comments everyone posted!

Onto the inspiration for this weeks project – the A-line skirt featured in the last blog post was so super easy that I fancied making it a little bit more challenging, bunancyt also a little less plain (mostly just to see if I could). This winter I have had a really big thing for royal blue shades and corduroy (the latter entirely thanks to Stranger Things, and Nancy’s jacket) – So imagine my delight when I saw a roll of just that in Abakhans while shopping for a new pattern for my graduation dress (coming soon!)

To say I needed it was an understatement. I’ve searched online for this so many times and I was starting to think it didn’t exist. It was expensive at £10.05 per metre, but as I already knew this skirt can easily be made with 80cms of fabric, it still worked out (much) cheaper than a High Street Skirt. And to be honest…I threw the roll at the cashier and begged her to take my money. I had to have it. Unfortunately it’s not available online, but I got it from their Liverpool branch.

Pattern Hacking – New Look Burgundy Cord Zip Through Skirt

Here is the High Street Cord zip through skirt that I found, I think I saw Megan Ellaby wearing a really similar one in a snap over on her instagram a few weeks ago. I have to admit, had I not bought an exact replica of that jacket in burgundy, I probably would have whipped up this skirt – But it had to be blue! I also already own a zip through skirt in pleather, which is an old trusted favourite – I want another one!


 Source: New Look

It’s priced at £19.99 and it does look delicious but hey! Why pay 20 squids when my jazzy lil number only cost me £8.04 in fabric and £2.15 for a 16″ zip. A grand total of £10.19…That’s basically flippin HALF PRICE! And on that note, please let me introduce to you….

My Royal Blue Cord Zip Through Skirt!


(Hey look guys I made my bed this time!)

I already know this is going to get worn to death. It’s got everything I love all bundled into one and it took me the grand total of 3 hours to figure out, cut and stitch.

I followed the pattern for the Simplicity 1370 skirt as before, but I made a couple of minor changes. I cut all the pieces as per the instructions, and stitched it all together, up to the point where the first waistband is attached but the facing is not. I’d left a small gap in the stitching, finishing off both ends so that I could cut through without snipping it and potentially causing a serious unravelling situation.

Instead of leaving a gap in the back centre pieces for a 7″ concealed zip to be added, I instead stitched it all the way up. Then I laid the skirt out completely flat, right sides together and marked the centre of the front of the skirt with a dressmakers pencil.


Then after double checking it and taking a very deep breathe, I cut from the top of the waistband all the way through. I bought a 16″ open ended zip for this project based on the length of the finished suede skirt, and I inserted the zip along the cut ensuring it was level, and perfectly straight!

With just finishing touches to go this skirt had come together so quickly I felt as though I couldn’t possibly have done it right, but lo and behold, when I tried the finished skirt on, it looked exactly how I had imagined it in my minds eye and I absolutely cannot wait to wear this out…Luckily I’m off to Manchester this weekend so what better excuse! I’m already planning to snazz this up with fishnets and chunky boots.


Let me know what you think of the pattern hack and the skirt in the comments!

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