Designin’ December

As per the theme of my blog, when I saw the opportunity to get involved in Linda of Nice Dress! Thanks I made it’s Designin’ December challenge, I couldn’t wait to get myself on net-a-porter and have a browse through those lovely expensive things for a make which I’m planning to wear on New Years Eve. As I’m co-hosting a house party this year, I wanted comfy and casual as well as a bit of a talking point – Enter Clu’s gorgeous but eye wateringly expensive silkly lovely jersey tshirt with feather trim. (£215!!!)

Source – Net-a-porter

Now if anything was ever me, this is it. A black tshirt? Me. Goes great with jeans? Me. Fancy bits? Me!


I dug out a not-quite-so-plain-its-boring tshirt pattern from Simplicity that I haven’t made since the start of the year and got to work.

I love the yoke and open back detailing on this top and I’ve got three already. I chose a glittery fabric from my stash rather than plain black, because you know, party! I sized it down to an extra small for a more close fitting top, and I also folded the shirt hem up to a straight line for a more cropped look. (I’ve already shortened the pattern once – made up as per the original this was more of a tunic on me).

I used bias binding on the edges and neck instead of facings – they seem a bit unnecessary on such a simple throw on t-shirt and it sped it up considerably! And I’ll admit it was unintentional but as an afterthought, with a slightly shear fabric the larger facings would have showed through!


Finally adding the cheap as chips feathers around the sleeves by hand, I’d consider this a job well done! Did I mention this was a stash buster and so it cost me a grand total of….£2.80. (A saving of £212.20. Ridiculous).

Happy New Year everyone, it’s party time! (I couldn’t wait til New Year to wear it, so I took it out on Christmas Eve too – my most complimented make ever! Thanks to everyone who came over and told me my blog was cool!)

P.S Has anyone ever washed these feathers? Will they survive even hand washing?



8 thoughts on “Designin’ December

  1. Love it! It’s really so close to the original! If you fancy making another version, I have an orange boa I’d be happy to donate :). How it stand to the wearer test over the festive season?


  2. Well I guess we all have to goggle how to wash feathers – OR ask the original designer! Your top looks very posh and I’m sure you were the best dressed on Christmas Eve and will be on New Years too! Well done! I’ll share your post tonight. Happy New Year and thank you for participating! Remember voting is in my first post in January.


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