Make me accountable!

I’m just going to go straight into this one with no pre-amble (Happy New Year etc etc!) because sorry not sorry, this post isn’t for you guys. This one’s for me. To make me accountable on all fronts – sewing, studying, self loving and all the rest. I *might* call this my #2017makenine post although, I’m just scribbling at the moment and I haven’t done a great deal of planning and my aims for 2017 focus much more on improving and learning certain skills than producing particular garments.


  • To improve and take more time and care over seam finishing to improve the quality of my makes. Mainly I want to invest time into learning enclosed seam techniques such as french seams and seam binding. I love the look of these and I don’t have regular access to an overlocker, so I need a method I can do without visiting my mum!
  • To sew with as many different types of fabric as possible. I stick to shirt and skirt fabrics and shy away from anything flimsy, thin, silky or slippy and feel like my wardrobe would definitely benefit from a few floaty items!
  • To make something that requires actual considered fitting rather than a ‘tack and attack’ approach. I’m a science, data and figures nerd by day and I love the idea of understanding measurements and altering pattern rather than piece.
  • To go to the Liverpool Sewing Club at least once or twice and meet some local likeminded people who might just be able to help me achieve some of the above pointers!
  • To take part in the Facebook groups #dressmakingbloggerchallenge fabric challenge (See point 2).

Garment plans

  • Lounge pants using the pattern included in Tilly’s Love at First Stitch in cosy brushed cotton
  • Sewaholic Fraser – I’m thinking with an embellished set in collar maybe.
  • A selfless sew – A mans casual shirt or summer shorts perhaps.
  • A summer Cleo pinafore (gingham? embroidered demin?)
  • A pair or casual trousers (A step up from lounge pants on the trouser making practise!)
  • A top with OTT bell sleeves – Megan Nielsen’s Dove I think!
  • Curtains and soft furnishings for my first non houseshare house.


  • To get the first paper towards my PhD written up and handed over for comments.
  • To learn a new computing skill – whether that’s a programing language or gaining a deeper understanding of a programme I hear mentioned a lot but don’t understand – PostGIS/Hadoop etc.
  • To read and write as many weekdays as I possibly can and to make the best use of my time in the office to avoid taking work home with me. A.K.A STOP PROCRASTINATING.
  • To stick to all my self imposed deadlines
  • To take a day a week to work from home and focus my attentions on my own work rather than group projects.


  • I promise to wear something other than jeans and a tshirt twice a week (gotta get outta the rut) and something handmade once a week at least.
  • To find a healthier balance between saving and spending. I am too obsessed with saving as much as possible when actually, I really could afford some treats.
  • To find a house to make a home with my lovely chappy and fill it with memories, friends and handmade soft furnishing (and scented candles).
  • To remember that if you need a day for yourself in bed, that is fine.
  • The obvious – more fruit, more water, don’t sleep in your make up etc etc.
  • Pat more dogs.

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