The first of many!

What a joy the Cleo is! I ran this up in one evening, overlocking raw edges first and listening to a few old episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage. The time passed so quickly becasue this came together so easily. This isn’t one of my high street saw it, wanted it made it items, but I do already own a totally different dungaree dress from Red Herring which has been worn so much that I knew this would be an instant hit.

I chose a spotty demin and the shorter length, which required 1.2m of fabric. I splashed out here at £10.99 a metre because I wanted it to be sturdy and long lasting. Two small front pockets hold my phone and work pass and its gorgeously loose and comfy for everyday wear.

I cut a size 3 based on Tilly’s measurements and it fits great, however, if I’d made this out of a stiffer material and you stood a bit too close…you might have been able to see all the way down…Next time I’d like to try taking the back in slightly, as this is where it feels the biggest, I love the way it fits across the front. Maybe a couple of waist darts before I attach the facings, or maybe just taking a bigger centre seam. Here’s hoping it’ll still fit over my bum…

Other than that however, there’s nothing more to say about the Cleo – it’s bloomin’ ideal – I’ve got a summer vision of a light denim with a decorative/scalloped selvedge kind of broderie anglaise ish type thing. I know I saw some last summer so fingers crossed I can find it again! If not, I’ll just have to get creative with some trimmings! I’ve loved seeing so many Cleos and I’m feeling inspired already to make another, as soon as possible!

Which just leaves me enough time to say thank you very much to Linda of  Nice Dress! thanks I made it!!! for thinking of my blog and shouting me out for a Blogger Recognition Award after taking part in her Designin’ December challenge, which I really enjoyed, and got a great top from!


So the rules of accepting this award are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (see above!)
  2. Write a post to show your award. (here you go!)
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

My blog isn’t that old at all, practically a newborn compared to most but I started it because I wanted my friends and family to know what I was making and doing, but also because any writing practise is good solid practise for getting that bloomin’ thesis finished started! My two pieces of advice to new bloggers would be:

Firstly to not be scared to share! Put it on  facebook amongst the Juiceplus girls and mobile make up artists and memes and cry out for attention just as much as they all do, because even if you think ‘Oh cringing HELL, nobody is going to care’, chances are a couple of them might actually be quite impressed and lemme tell you it feels great when they remember the next time you see them!

Secondly, spread the luuurve! I make a concerted effort to spend a few minutes most days checking my ‘Discover’ and ‘Suggested’ pages until I find a new post or blogger that catches my attention, then I comment, or like or follow. Just a lil something to let someone know I loved what I’d seen! And hey guess what, that old addage of treating someone how you want to be treated? That’s right, you get a whole lotta love back! You build your followers, people check you out and everybody loves a little bit of appreciation, don’t they!

And now to my 15 nominees! (Sorry, I only made it to 10, I’ve got catching up on reading to do! I’ll add to the list as people come back to me!)

Sarah from SewSarahSmith

Red W Sews

Sew it or throw it

Emily of Self Assembly Required

Karen from Did you make that?

Heather Arnatt from Dresstoration

Claire Galpin from Penguin and Pear

Maddie of Thimblebee blog

Linda of Nice dress, thanks I made it

Not sew simple

These guys are the best inspo, they share the love and they make dead cool stuff! 

7 thoughts on “The first of many!

  1. Great Cleo, got my pattern but dont want attempt topstitching til get my new machine next week, did you topstitch hun?do you think itd look ok without? Got a nice mid blue denim and burgundy and gold vintage Buttons (my mums)xx


    1. Thank you! I did some very basic top stitching just to hold my seams flat in a matching thread, no decorative. Now I know it’s mostly straight lines I’d be really tempted to do contrast on my next version, and I’d really like to add some definition to it, which is what I think I’m missing. Ooo a new machine, how exciting, and those buttons sound like they’re going to look lovely!


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