Cosy January


What a blessing this first Dressmakers Blogging Network Challenge was. I went home for Christmas with my trusty PJs packed…and then I didn’t get any new ones off Santa. I was forced to accept that my La Senza (wow!) pyjamas weren’t getting replaced this time around.

I pondered my 2017 sewing list and aims back on this blog post and deliberately planned a new pair of lounge pants so that mine could go in the bin. Then I got a copy of Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch which comes with the perfect pattern – The Margot bottoms. And the idea was born! I did change my mind from a brushed cooton though – it’s just too hot in bed!

img_5325To tick off another of my aims, I saw an opportunity here to practise french seams on a long straight seam – they turned out great! It didn’t matter if they did or didn’t as I’ll never…okay almost never wear these outside (I only go to the shop in my pyjamas in an emergency I promise!)

I sewed a 2/8th seam with the wrong sides together, which felt a bit a weird, and then a 3/8th seam with the right sides together to make sure the raw edges were caught inside. I would definitely use this method again…but I’ve learned the hard way to double check that I’ve got enough thread before I start!  Even with legs as short as mine, this was a bit of a thread guzzler.

I’ve already shortened the pattern for next timeimg_5324 I make these, they’re comfy, cosy and quick to make so I’ll definitely be running up a few pairs! Plus, how jazzy is this fabric? I couldn’t resist! I just wish I’d bought a bit more – A summer top or dress would look gorgeous in this pattern!

I do need your advice though…I’d perhaps like to swap the cord I used for the drawstring for an elastic waist. I’m finding it quite uncomfortable to sleep with the cord. How do I know how much elastic to measure to make sure the my pants stay up, but so that the elastic isn’t overstretched and cutting into me? I’d really appreciate your input for this one!

3 thoughts on “Cosy January

  1. As Linda said – just measure the elastic round your waist and leave a bit extra to overlap it. Last time I made PJs I used my overlocker to attach the elastic – it was so much better than threading it through – no twisted elastic! Love your fabric – you can never have too many cosy PJs!


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  2. I love that fabric! You’re talking about elastic? I usually make sure that the elastic wrapped around my waist is comfortable. I hold it, safety pin it or tie it together. Then I see if I can get it to stretch enough to get down past my butt and hips. I usually add an inch on after that too – just because the fabric might be thick or I might have made an error.


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