I’m a PhD student at the University of Liverpool. I’m currently working hard on ‘Fast Urban Dynamics and Consumer Flows’…So I’m sure you can see why I might need some light relief every now and again.

I took up sewing to solve the problem of having especially short legs…A whole 28 inches long to be exact. I found buying workwear especially difficult and so began to make my own dresses to get them a nice length. Since then it has become more of a hobby, making clothes for myself for pleasure rather than necessity. Thanks have to go out to Momma Talbot and Youtube for their expert guidance in the 18 months since I began!

I’ve also made a few newborn baby gifts and soft furnishings. Now it’s time to have a go at replicating High Street pieces…mostly in order to save some money, but also for the satisfaction of knowing I’ve got a one off piece that nobody else can copy, that fits me better than any shop bought item.